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at Kiln AOYAMA ONLINE SHOPは、実店舗の在庫数量と共有しており、閉店後に一括して店舗での販売数量をオンラインショップの在庫数量からマイナスしております。反映までに時間がかかるため、ご注文いただいてもお買い求めいただけない場合がございますが、実店舗へのご来店のお客様を優先とさせていただいておりますので、あらかじめご了承くださいますよう、お願い申し上げます。


返品期限 商品到着後7日以内とさせていただきます。
返品送料 お客様都合による返品につきましてはお客様のご負担とさせていただきます。不良品に該当する場合は当方で負担いたします。
不良品 商品到着後速やかにご連絡ください。商品に欠陥がある場合を除き、返品には応じかねますのでご了承ください。




北海道:1,300円 / 東北:900円 / 関東:900円 / 信越:900円 / 北陸:900円 / 東海:900円 /
近畿:1,000円 / 中国:1,100円 / 四国:1,100円 / 九州:1,300円 / 沖縄、その他離島:1,400円




• 一つひとつ手作りのため、サイズや形が一つずつ異なる場合がございます。
• ピンホールと呼ばれる小さな凹みがある場合がございます。
• 土の性質上表面に突起や鉄点が見られる場合がございます。
• 表面に釉薬によるムラが見られることがございます。








Notes and Requests

at Kiln AOYAMA ONLINE SHOP, we share our inventory amount with our brick-and-mortar shop. After the brick-and-mortar shop closes for the day, we debit the sales amount at the shop in a lump sum from our online shop's inventory amount. Since it takes time until we reflect that debit, you may not be able to buy an item even though you have ordered it. We give priority to customers who visit our brick-and-mortar shop. Accordingly, we ask for your understanding in advance.

About product returns

Product return period: Product returns are accepted within 7 days from the time the product arrives.
Product return shipping: If the product is returned because of the customers' personal preferences, the return shipping fee shall be paid by the customer. If the product is deemed to be defective, the return shipping fee will be paid for by us.
If the product is defective, please contact us as soon as possible after receiving it. Please note that if the product is not defective we may not be able to accept its return.

Shipping and Shipping Fees


Items are delivered by Yu-Pack(Japan Post). Please note that we do not support overseas shipping.
¥1,300 : to HOKKAIDO
¥900 : to TOHOKU region, KANTO region, SHINETSU region, HOKURIKU region, TOKAI region
¥1,000 : to KINKI region
¥1,100 : to CHUGOKU region, SHIKOKU region
¥1,300 : to KYUSHU region
¥1,400 : to OKINAWA and other outlying islands

About Payment

Credit card payment
The following credit cards are accepted.
VISA, Mastercard, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club

Notes regarding purchase

Please understand that the following conditions represent individual expressions unique to each work, and present no particular issues in use.
・ As every item is handmade, size and shape may differ for every item.
・ Small impressions called pinholes may be present.
・ Due to the nature of the clay, protrusions and iron spots may appear on the surface.
・ Glaze may create uneven color on the surface.

As there are works that undergo changes in color expression depending on the placement inside the kiln, and works with clay and glaze that undergo slight change in color with the season when firing it, two or more works purchased from the same series may not exhibit identical expression.

The photos are taken to reflect the colors of the works as closely as possible, but appearance may vary with the monitor used for viewing.

All works are handmade, so individual variation and differences from images may appear. We hope that you will enjoy the textures as the work of the creator.

If you care about it, please visit our store to see our products.